Two ancient sayings remind us of the power of an aching heart. One is an inscription found on sundials: “Without the shadow – nothing.” The other is from an unknown author:

” The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.”

Nothing is more familiar to the recovering Christian than sorrow and grief. The knowldege of repeated failure, of continual mistakes, of past broken promises – all are a heavy load of mournful shame and sorrow. Yet our grief is not to be given permanent stature; our tears are to be cleansing showers, not an endless flood.

Mother Teresa had a comforting bookmark with this inscription to help heal her grief:

Let nothing disturb thee;

Let nothing dismay thee;

All things pass;

God never changes.

Patience attains

All that it strives for.

He who has God

Finds he lacks nothing.

God alone suffices.

God is the anchor that always holds, the solid foundation that never weakens, the companion who never leaves us. Our Lord, Jesus, knows the agony of the broken heart. He knows our pain, and when we hold his hand, he understands and holds us safe and heals our hurt. His hand is always within reach. All we have to do is grasp it.

Prayer: Dear Christ, I know your open hand is always stretched out to mine. Help me to clasp your open hand, especially in times of sorrow.

-A. Philip Parham- excerpt taken from John 16:20-22  NIV Recovery Devotional Bible