Fear is usually present in the lives of adult children. We are afraid of rejection, abandonment, abuse and deprivation; we might even develop an array of phobias. We may have a fear of failure based on having been told repeatedly that we will never amount to anything. This fear stopped many of us from believing that the future held any promise.

Others avoid success because they feel a need to live up to unrealistic expectations. We may resist accepting responsibilities that we believe are beyond our ability.

Our concerns can be faced and subdued as we experience God’s perfect love for us. In Christ, there is no fear of rejection, abandonment, failure, or the future. As the child within us is nurtured by the Holy Spirit’s loving and gentle touch, our misgivings can be dispelled. We are children of God, so we do not need to be afraid. He is always with us, guiding and protecting us. Rather than fear God, we can respect and rely on his presence in our lives.

Our reverence for God can gradually overshadow our fears from the past and give us hope for the future. Then we can say with David, “The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?”

Prayer: Ease my fears, Lord, and help me to trust and rest in you.

-Ron Ross- excerpt taken from Psalms 27,  NIV Recovery Devotional Bible