If we watch the sheep in a pasture, we will see them do an interesting thing. Sometime during the day, each sheep, entirely on its own, leaves the flock and trots over to the shepherd, one at a time. The shepherd tenderly caresses the nose and ears, rubs the neck and head, and whispers in its ear. Calmed, encouraged and reassured, the sheep goes back to graze with the rest.

We also need such daily affirmation and reassurance from God. When our souls are restored, they are revived and stimulated. We need the caress, the rub, the “pep talk” from our shepherd. Unless we hear an “encouraging word,” we become fearful and frantic.

Recovery is a place to find assurance and acceptance. Our new life of health doesn’t happen automatically. We need the constant and daily support of our group, the continual uplift of our meetings and the encouragement of our fellow members and sponsors. We simply cannot make it alone, and we must have the concrete “pat on the back.” We need to know we are safe, that we are doing well and that we can count on the encouragement of our entire “recovering flock.” Without this reassurance, we are lost sheep.

Prayer: Good Shepherd, thank you for your loving words of reassurance and restoration.

-A. Philip Parham- excerpt taken from Psalms 23  NIV Recovery Devotional Bible