How like children we are. In all our great plan-making, God is the one who guides our steps. As children hold tightly to Daddy’s fingers when they learn to walk, so are we learning to see how God gently but firmly guides us. Our plan may have been to cross a dangerous place, but our wise parent led us around it. Our weak, unstable baby steps were supported by the loving and strong hand of our parent.

Recovery is much like that. We see the destination and we begin the journey, and in our ignorance and innocence we think we know best how to arrive there. Behind it all is the Father of recovery, who is patiently directing us, opening this door, closing that avenue. When we realize this, we find it easier to relax when obstacles block our way. We know that God is in charge, and we can wait for the next move.

When children grow stronger and their steps are no longer unsure, they may excitedly run ahead before they are ready. When this happens to us in recovery, it’s like turning onto a dead-end street; before long we’ll have to stop and backtrack. Allowing God to direct is always the easier, more direct route that ensures our growth.

Prayer: Lord, direct my path and help me depend on your guidance.

In his heart a man plans his course,

but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

-Barbara Stephens- excerpt taken from Proverbs 16:9  NIV Recovery Devotional Bible