For many years a professor started his first class by putting two figures on a blackboard:



“What’s the solution?”  he would ask. A student would say six. Another would say two, but the teacher would ignore them. Finally several would call out eight, and he would shake his head. The professor would then say, “All of you failed to ask the key question. What is the problem? Unless you know what the problem is, you cannot possibly find the answer.” Without a plus sign, a minus sign, a multiplication or division sign, the numbers cannot be computed.

Our life in recovery is exactly the same. We need to spend most of our time defining our problems and taking stock of our situation. That’s why we make and take our inventories – so we can discover what’s really going on, so we can be “on the side of truth.” Until we know what’s happening and what we need to know, we are stymied.

Problems are usually more complicated than we realize. Life and recovery are complex. As H.L. Mencken said, “For every human problem there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong.” We never know all we need to know. Self-discovery is an adventure into an ongoing mystery. God is our problem and our solution, and there is nothing simple and neat with him. But he is always on the side of truth.

Prayer: Keep me humble, Lord. Don’t let me get too proud and cocky. Help me to listen to your voice of truth, and may I always keep on learning.

-A. Philip Parham- excerpt taken from John 18:37  NIV Recovery Devotional Bible