Addictions and compulsions are a kind of bondage. Painful memories are also like chains that bind us. We try harder and harder to change. But sometimes the harder we try, the tighter the chains become. Recovery begins when we recognize that our bondage is too great for us. None of our powers will break these chains. Either we will find a power greater than our ourselves to help us, or we will stay in bondage.

Many people find the idea of powerlessness to be very troubling. We want to be competent and self-reliant. And many of us have increased our shame and self-contempt. So, why should we welcome the God-who-rescues? Won’t he also shame us?

First, notice in this passage that God’s intervention is in response to a request (v.13). We do not serve a God who is entangled in our compulsions. He will not rescue in ways tht are shameful. He knows that we need to be ready to be helped and that we need to cry out for help.

Notice also that it is the God-of-unfailing-love who is our higher power (v.15). Because so many of us are convinced that God is vindictive, punitive and abusive, it can be terrifying in our powerlessness to focus on the power of God. We are sure that all of that power will be used against us. But the God-of-unfailing-love is not a vindictive, punitive or abusive God. He is a a God of love. He is not aginst us. He is for us.

Prayer: Thank you Lord, for setting me free from bondage by your powerful love.

-Dale and Juanita Ryan- excerpt taken from Psalm 107  NIV Recovery Devotional Bible