The experience of spiritual power is basically a joyful one. Those who have grown the most spiritually are those who are more experienced in living. And there is another joy, even greater. It is the joy of communion with God.

Those who have attained this stage of spiritual growth and awareness are invariably possessed by joyful humility. When asked the source of their knowledge and power, the truly powerful will reply: “It is not my power. What little power I have is but a minute expression of a far greater power. I am merely a conduit. It is not my power at all.”

Their humility is joyful because, knowing they are connected to God, the truly powerful feel a lessening in their sense of self. “Let thy will, not mine, be done. Make me your instrument,” is their only desire. Such a loss of self brings with it always a kind of calm ecstacy, not unlike the experience of being in love. Aware of their intimate connectedness to God, their loneliness vanishes. There is communion.

Prayer: Lord, make me ever more aware of your presence within me. Bring my desires and my actions into line with your will. And give me the joyful humility that comes from being connected to you.

-M Scott Peck- excerpt taken from John 7 NIV Recovery Devotional Bible