There comes a time in the process of recovery when we find ourselves seeing life in an entirely different way. Along with the pain, we sense with increased clarity that life is fundamentally a good gift from God. This is the experience of gratitude. Gratitude is a kind of participation in and response to God’s grace. Without it, recovery would be a cheerless and probably impossible journey.

When gratitude breaks through, we are able to stop our frantic efforts to earn our way through life. In these moments of calm we see that we truly belong to God. We are God’s creation. Sometimes that is all we need. Other times this thought that we are God’s creation is so far beyond all we could ever have asked, hoped or dreamed for, that our heart fills with praise and joy.

It is difficult to explain how, or why, or when gratitude comes. Sometimes we try to force gratitude on ourselves. Sometime other people try to force it on us. But it cannot be coerced. It will not come from pretending. It will not come from telling ourselves that some people are worse off than we are. But it does come. And when it comes it breaks through our pain and surprises us with joy.  -Dale and Juanita Ryan- NIV Recovery Bible

Prayer:  Give me the capacity for gratitude today, Lord.  Surprise me with joy.

-Ps 100-

On your feet – applaud Big Daddy Jazz! Bring a gift of laughter,

Singing and giggling yourselves into his presence.

Enter the gates of his big backyard with happiness and thanks

Come into his gardens around the back porch with praise. -the Message-

298 days till Mardi Gras (JazzFest week1 is this weekend!) Listening to Louis Armstrong. Peace. -gary-