Just think! A day will come in recovery when the darkness will fade into sunrise and joy will come. We will experience joy and laughter where for so long only sadness resided. Praise will come from our mouths, and we will enjoy sharing our stories of recovery with others.

Today it may be difficult to think that could ever happen, but joy is a by-product of recovery. It just happens! Recovery is a new song, and each one of us writes our own.

Begin to listen and feel what the heart is singing then sing that song over and over until it is a part of you. Today we may not feel like singing, but one day soon our songs of recovery will become familiar. -Barbara Stephens- NIV Recovery Bible

-Ps 98-

Join the big band orchestra with the Big Daddy Jazz Trio

Add on a hundred voice choir.

Feature trumpet and big trombones,

Fill the air with music to Big Daddy Jazz. -the Message-

300 days till Mardi Gras. LOL! Listening to Vince Guaraldi (Charlie Brown) . Peace. -gary-