We all experience heart-level choices from time to time. It is in the realm of our most severe addiction, however, that we experience them most dearly and profoundly. We have all had the experience of struggling to break a habit, failing repeatedly, and then at some point meeting with success. What was this success, and how did it happen? We can say it was willpower, but what suddenly empowered our will? We can say it was finding the right strategy, but what enabled that discovery? Did we do it on our own, or did grace break through and deliver us, or was it some mysterious cooperation of will and grace that we could never have engineered?

I cannot further describe how these grace-full choices happen. I can only say that while God is intimately with us in them through our own hearts and those of people around us, we are also very much on our own. Our usual props and handholds are absent, and we are, therefore, very vulnerable. In this vulnerability we are also more dependent upon and open to grace than at any other time.

– Gerald G. May – NIV Recovery Bible Psalm 95